Make your voice heard

The first step with BeCville is to listen and get to know the neighborhood. Over the summer we have been doing just that by talking to people and listening to their opinions. But to take it a step further, we are asking residents from the Belmont and Ridge St. neighborhoods to fill out a survey.

Here is what we would love to know.

  1. What is great about your neighborhood?
  2. How involved are you in your neighborhood?
  3. What creativity is taking place in your neighborhood?

Right now, I know what you are thinking. Not another one of those darn surveys! We share your feelings. Survey’s are not the most fun thing to fill out, BUT they are an important way to make sure BeCville is responding to your needs.

Also, we believe that this information belongs to the neighborhood.  Once we are done collecting it we will make sure you get a copy of it.

Take 20 minutes to fill this survey out and make your voice heard.



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