Cville Galaxy

You are invited to participate in Cville Galaxy, an effort to break a Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Cardboard Sculpture on Saturday, September 10th at 12:00 PM (noon) at the IX Art Park. The project also serves as a kick off event for a year long project called BeCville.

Developed through a collaboration between local teens and artists, Cville Galaxy will consist of a 35 foot by 35 foot sculpture made entirely of cardboard. At the center of the sculpture will be a giant 18 foot tall rocket on which the community will be invited to write ideas for how they would improve their neighborhood and city. Surrounding the rocket will be plumes of smoke, stars, planets, a telescope, a statue, and host of other objects all made of cardboard. This effort will beat the present Guinness World Records of 31 feet by 31 feet that was accomplished in Hong Kong, China in Spring of 2016.

Over the summer of 2016, a group of local teens have been working withPauseLab as a part of the CAYIP program to imagine the future of their city. The teens talked to residents, played with cardboard, and deeply considered what the future might hold for their city. Out of all this work, they came up with the idea of creating a massive cardboard sculpture to engage the community in a similar conversation.

The community is also invited to play a role in making Cville Galaxy become a reality. We invite anyone interested in volunteering to build the sculpture or get the word out to contact us.

Funded by a Collaborative Action Grant from the national Enterprise Community Partners, Cville Galaxy was selected as one of 15 organizations from a pool of over 110 applications. This grant supports small-scale, co-creative activities focused on promoting community engagement and fostering a sense of place.


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