Ridge St. Oral History Project – Aaron Farrington

The 2017 Ridge Street and Beyond Oral History Video Portrait Project

This is an oral history project by and about people in the Ridge Street neighborhood. It will include video portraits, large format tintype portraits, and audio stories. People will talk about their lives on Ridge Street, the changes they have seen in the neighborhood, and what they hope the neighborhood will look like in the future.

The video portraits are short—3 to 5 minute long glimpses into the lives and work and dreams of the different people that live here. Seen together the pieces will become a more unified cross section of a community.

Longer, audio-only versions of the oral history interviews will also be made available.

I will also be making tintype portraits of each participant, and of their personal environment. Tintype photography is an old photographic processes. It was a big deal in the 1850s. Photographs taken this way have a very old look to them. I think it is an appropriate medium for a collection of histories.

Having these different pieces means the project can take many forms— an art show, a projection piece, a historical reference, an anthropological study, a thing to put on the nightly news where commercials usually go.

I would like this evolve into a bigger project, one that can grow to include all of Charlottesville.

Budget – $5000 (Artist time and materials)


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