Gardeners Community Connection – Kimber Hawkey

We are looking to connect gardeners with each other as well as with the community to create a neighborhood network that shares knowledge, resources, plants/seeds, and harvests all with the goal to promote food independence and permaculture (i.e. the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient).  Gardeners/neighbors will use their own yards to participate in this project both to create edible landscapes and not to be obliged to travel to an outside garden space.  Neighborhood gardeners will also be able to connect with the larger community with optional garden tours, community meals, and classes. We also want to reach out to non-gardeners in the neighborhoods to promote food independence, to set up a program to donate fresh foods to local food banks, and to involve the city in the effort with “free food plantings” on public spaces.

Budget – $5000 (Equipment, Time, and Marketing)


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