How would you spend $15000 to make your neighborhood better?

Over the next year, BeCville will ask residents living in Charlottesville’s Strategic Investment Area (SIA) this exact question, and let the community decide how a series of art projects can improve their neighborhood.  Do you want .  . .  

  1. After school art programs?
  2. Community celebrations?
  3. Creative crosswalks that make our streets safe?
  4. Community mixtapes that highlight neighborhood music?
  5. Mural’s remembering important local figures?
  6. Or, do you have a creative idea of your own?

We want to put the power of funding and creating public art projects in your hands.  

Why do we want to do this?

  • To bring the community together
  • To listen to the voices of local residents
  • To create beauty in our local neighborhoods

Inspired by the international Participatory Budgeting initiative, BeCville engages residents in a candid discussion about the needs of our local neighborhoods and then make informed decisions about how to allocate resources for public art projects that address those needs. The ultimate objective of this project is to use art and culture as a catalyst for creative placemaking that brings people together, strengthens neighborhoods, increases civic engagement, support economic development, and builds an equitable city.