BeCville Projects

Voting is now over for our our Spring 2017 cycle!
Thanks to everyone that participated. We are feverishly counting up all the ballots right now. If you happened to miss out, there will definitely me more opportunities in the future.  We will also be looking for amazing local citizens to help grow and envision a future for BeCville.  Let us know if you would be interest.

You are also invited to join us for:
BeCville Project Announcements
June 10th – 6:00 – 7:00pm 
@ The Haven – 112 Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

We will announce the winning projects based on the votes of residents.  Don’t miss out.


Here is a list of the projects along with the artist, designer, or community member that proposed them.  You can click on the projects to get more information about them.

Walk in My Footsteps – Stacey Evans and Fenella Belle
Outdoor Living at Jordan Park – Scott Supraner
Bicycle Art and Salvage – Paul Elsea
Cville Roots Festival – Marilyn Roselius
Gardeners Community Connection – Kimber Hawkey
LuminArea – Kate Tabony and Amber Ovitt
TrueVille – Joel Jones
Benches – Jason Roberson
South 1st Garden – Janet Mitchell
Imagine Cherry Avenue with Cherry Trees – Cathy Cassety, Gregg Early, Daniel Katz
Memorial to the Unknown – Daughters of Zion Cemetery
Growing Together – Chicho Lorenzo
Time Trek – Here’s My Story
Cville Mill – Anson Parker
Share Sheds – Alan Goffinski
Ridge St. Oral History Project – Aaron Farrington