Community Impact

What do we hope to accomplish?

1 ) Bring communities together:
When communities come together and understand one another they are better equipped to make inclusive and equitable choices. Be-Cville is an opportunity to create these connections and then use art to strengthen them.

2) Listen to the needs of local residents:
Residents are at the core of Be-Cville. The program focuses on finding ways to listen to one another instead of talking at each other.

3) Create beauty in our local neighborhoods:
Beauty plays an important role in the health and vitality of our cities.  Even more it allows residents to show their pride and ownership of their neighborhood.

4) Promote economic opportunities:
By working with established businesses or with residents to create new businesses, Be-Cville will be a catalyst of activating economic opportunities for everyone in the neighborhood.

5) Expand and diversify civic participation:
Be-Cville will ensure that all community members not only have the opportunity to participate but see their ideas become a reality.

6) Empower residents:
While not the only opportunity, Be-Cville will support and innovate new modes of resident driven development, responding to the physical and social need of the community.