BeCville is focused on being a community lead process, with residents play a vital role in making the program a success.  To accomplish this, we are looking for people that not only share our vision for what Charlottesville can become, but also are willing to volunteer to see it become a reality.

Throughout the year we need amazing people to bring their creativity, energy, and experience to grow this small project into something much bigger.

How can you help?

  1. Become a BeCville Sharer –  Tell the world about BeCville by passing along the work on social media.  Expected time per month – 1 hours.
  2. Attend a meeting – Another way to connect with local residents is to show up at meetings that are already going on.  Take a stack of cards and information to a meeting you may already be going to and pass them out.  Expected time per month – 3 hours.
  3. Go Door to Door –  Every week we will be hanging posters, distributing idea cards, and meeting our neighbors.  Get on your most comfortable shoes and come out with us to get the word out.  Expect time per month – 4 – 6 hours.
  4. Organize a neighborhood idea session – You’ll need to think like a tupperware saleswoman here.  Invite some friends over to your house and tell them about BeCville. At the same time, have them fill out a few ideas for how their neighborhood could be improved. Expect time per month – 4 – 6 hours
  5. Make creativity happen – Bring your creative skills to bear by helping us organize a temporary art installation in the streets. Expect time per month – 8 -10 hours.